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2017 OREO Core Range Relaunch Campaign


Oreo upgraded their packaging from one slug to two slugs in one paper box in 2017. With the new change, brand aimed to rejuvenate the image and to cater for the evolving consumer needs. The brand wanted to run a digital-centric campaign to communicate the packaging upgrade in OREO’s childlike imaginative way.


However, the challenge we faced was that consumers DON’T really care about the pack change: the format is not innovative and the functional benefit is not clear. If the packaging change is not a big deal, let’s make it BIG in a childlike imaginative way. Instead of selling the packaging benefit, PB convinced client to sell the ‘wonderfilled’ concept.


Two slugs in the box,
Imagination out of the box

We created an imaginative voyage of discovery. We lead consumers through the journey by showing them the fun moments of moon and rainbow being slashed into two halves. The magical scenes revealed from slash to slash, keep the consumers engaged and entertained. As the story comes to its end, the OREO old slug is halved and upgraded to the new packaging format.


Integrated Marketing Communication was launched in multiple channels to reach millions of consumers: Mobile Interaction, Online Video, Social Hot Topic, Mobile App Advertising etc..

Thanks to the fun story, the brand’s social index jumped by 900% and hit historical high. The brand’s sales growth rate dramatically increased during the campaign period.

You might have cut a mooncake,
but have you ever thought of cutting the moon into halves?

Slash at the cloud to find a playful and imaginative world inside.

Have you ever thought of slashing at the rainbow?

Slash at OREO’s old pack to check out the surprise!


2017 GATORADE Group Run Campaign

Group Run: We’re born to be groupmates, running together and never giving up.


GATORADE came to PB with a fancy execution idea already – an interactive digital platform for group run. PB was briefed to recruit new runners for the brand.


We strategized brand’s existing marketing plan and developed it into insightful multi-channel communication, with deep understanding of the triggers and barriers of group run.

Emphasize the triggers : individuals are more motivated and resourceful to achieve their personal best performance.

Overcome the barriers : it’s difficult to physically run in group, but Gatorade offers runners an easier way to benefit from group run by building virtual groups.


We visualized different group run formats with insightful call-to-action to attract target audience through convenience and emotional benefit from group-run.

Group Run in Different Locations: Run in different cities with the same persistence.

Group Run in Different Time Zones: You like morning jogging, while I’m used to night run. We’re running together day and night.

Group Run: When I’m running alone, I’m discovering new path; When I’m running in a group, we’re exploring the world.


ASICS x PB Marathon Bib Pack


In 2018, PB collaborated with the sports brand ASICS to offer the young marathon lovers with an exclusively designed pack which carries their personal information and speaks free lifestyle.

Marathon Bib Cross-body Pack (original design)

As a brand looking to transform from a functional brand for athletes to an emotional brand for runners, ASICS found PB’s newly launched TRAINING DAY COLLECTION a perfect fit for its marathon thematic campaign.

ASICS invited us to create a limited edition for its always-on brand communication.


In a marathon day, the number printed on the bib is a simplest identification of an individual runner through the 42.195km journey. It is the name tag that represents the athlete’s pride, power and determination to win.

Made of DuPont paper, the cross-body bib pack is specially designed for the runners, to wear their racing day honor everyday.

Wear my name, glow with pride.


As an announcement of the campaign, a batch of tailor-made packs for ASICS sponsored professional pacers were distributed during 2018 Xi’an marathon, which sparks conversation among the marathon lovers.

Seeing increasing social media exposure and growing talkability among runners, ASICS launched the second phase of the campaign: customized pack for its social account followers. Hundreds of runners engaged with the brand and received personalized packs as Thanks Giving gifts. The initiative conveyed the brand message of ‘SOUND MIND, SOUND BODY’ and helped build brand affinity.

Following the success, ASICS decided to further cooperate with PB and use the pack as a long-term communication asset. In 2019, more runners will be expecting to receiving their dream packs.


2018 Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bag Relaunch


Lipton LYL is a well-known tea bag label in China. However, the brand relevance has been experiencing a down trend among millennials these years.

Lipton UK launched a ‘TEAMOJI’ campaign with delightful LYL tea tag design to bring the ‘Live Awake’ spirit to life.

PB were briefed to create an insightful Chinese version of the TEAMOJI tag, to resonate with local young consumers, and clearly deliver the global communication idea.


We created fun expressions to give new meanings to the existing TEAMOJI icons, inspiring millennials to embrace all the challenges and possibilities that life has to offer.


2017 Harbin Beer NBA Digital Campaign


As an official NBA sponsor, Harbin Beer needed a digital idea to build brand awareness and deliver communication message “Harbin and NBA bring you and your friends a refreshing world” during 2017 NBA playoffs.


NBA fans would all agree that the most refreshing NBA experience must be “watching live game at NBA arena with friends”, instead of “watching the game on TV while sitting in sofa”. We decided to offer NBA fans with real game experience.


一起哈啤 一占到底

We developed an HTML 5 interaction on mobile. While many mobile interactions were so complicated that drives away users, we developed the simplest HTML 5 flow that anyone with a smart phone can easily enjoy.

We visualized four NBA courtside seats with a timer. Users were asked to press their four fingers on the seats in order to win NBA tickets, and the longest won out. The timer on the screen could tell the winner immediately and users could revisit the site to fight for higher score anytime. Millions of NBA fans joined the game and the No.1 player was incredibly scored at 6 hours!

一起上天 一起哈啤

2017 Harbin Beer Double 11 E-commerce Campaign


Double 11 is the biggest online shopping carnival for Chinese consumers, and also the most fierce promotion battle for the brands. Harbin Beer wanted to launch a campaign to drive buzz and E-commerce sales in 2017 Double 11, and to reinforce the brand core creative idea “Find a Fresher World, 一起哈啤”.


To make Harbin stand out among hundreds of branded campaigns, we provided consumers with an ultimate fresh experience that money can’t buy.

The idea was simple but impactful - anyone who bought Harbin Beer during Double 11, could win the chance to take an 8 minutes zero-gravity flight in the US! The weightless environment would bring consumers ultimate freshness, unlike anything they had ever experienced on the planet.

To promote the idea, we co-created a hip hop song with a popular rapper After Journey (艾福杰尼). Music video with ‘brainwashing’ melody performed very well and made Harbin one of the most popular brands in Double 11. Brand sales rapidly grew after campaign launch.